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Sourcefabric Debian/Ubuntu packages

For detailed instructions on how to install Newscoop, please see the chapter 
'Installation on Debian/Ubuntu' in the book 'Newscoop 4 for Journalists and

For detailed instructions on how to install Airtime, please read the chapter 
'Automated installation' in the book 'Airtime 2 for Broadcasters':

For detailed instructions on how to install Booktype, please read the chapter
'Automated install on Debian or Ubuntu GNU/Linux' in the book 'Booktype 2.4 for
Authors and Publishers':

Repository setup

Edit /etc/apt/sources.list and add one of:

  (Debian stretch, stable):
  deb stretch main

  (Debian jessie, oldstable):
  deb jessie main

  (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic):
  deb bionic main

  (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty):
  deb trusty main

If installing Airtime on Ubuntu, make sure the multiverse repository is enabled.

To enable secure apt and avoid warnings about an untrusted repository, enter
the commands:

# wget
# sudo apt-key add sourcefabric-key
# sudo apt update 

Install Newscoop

For a single-server Newscoop install:

# sudo apt-get install newscoop geonames-city-data mysql

Optionally, install sample publication data:

# sudo apt-get install newscoop-sample-data

Install Airtime

For a single-server Airtime install:

# sudo apt-get install airtime icecast2 postgresql

Optionally, install sample audio files:

# sudo apt-get install airtime-audio-samples

Install Booktype

For a single-server Booktype install:

# sudo apt-get install postgresql

Create Booktype database according to the user manual, then:

# sudo apt-get install booktype


Packages in the /snapshots directory might be based on a development branch and
are not intended for production use. Please be extra careful to back up your
system before installing them. Better still, try them in a virtual container
rather than on your server!


Copies of our latest packages are provided in the /misc directory for your 
convenience, if you do not wish to use our apt repository. You can also find 
the airtime-easy-setup and newscoop-easy-setup packages there.